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Friday, November 10, 2006

About Google's buying of YouTube

Video ads about to take off on the net
Online video ads are about to take off in a big way, according to YouTube..Google had bought YouTube at just the right time.
Google purchased the popular video-sharing website for $1.65 billion last month and we can't think of a better owner for YouTube.Well over 100 million videos are being watched a day on

YouTube" and that video advertising would be the next big thing in Internet marketing.
A year or two ago, the broadcaster didn't have the opportunity to buy what you were selling. The format was something agencies didn't have the tools or management capabilities to buy. We're seeing more of interactive agencies who actually have broadband.

The importance of YouTube as a medium for the distribution of entertainment content and maintained that it is the community of users that is firmly in control. A recent contest for unsigned bands resulted in users posting their own replies to the entries.

In August YouTube introduced a facility, known as participatory video ads, that allows users to rate and comment on the spots.
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