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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Google RSS reader is better than it was

Now, the new Web-based RSS browser from Google is ready. This is a major revision and improvement Google. This is a News reader moore like Bloglines or Newsgator. Thy are all pretty easy to use.

One thing with the Google reader is that it's quite fast, the pages are simple and load quickly. Whatever magic Google is doing with AJAX has the desired effect. Google reader doesn't keep you waiting around.
It's very easy to subscribe to feeds. The different now is that if you want to subscribe to a Feed, you type in the url of the web page, (not the url of the feed), then it's done. Of cource, you will also subscribe if you type in the url of the feed, as it used to be.
In the "Add subscribtion box", you can type in a word or two. The reader will show you a list of feeds that mach your terms.
The reader has a sharing feature. Whwn you're reading a post, you can press Share button under it, and Reader will add it to your own public page. You can also tag items in Google reader. Each tag gets it own RSS feed. Finding the URL for a tag feed requires a few contortions, but it could be a useful feature for some people.
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