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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Google test a new Advertising program

Google is testing a new program that would allow its customers to advertise in newspapers across the country.

Google's giving back, or at least sharing the wealth with all those newspapers it's been stealing business from over the past few years, testing a new program that lets its hundreds of thousands of customers advertising on its website.

Google will act as a kind of middle-man, helping its customers not only bid on keywords for their net advertising, but also letting them bid on open newspaper space. Taking a small commission for every print ad it sells.

Although newspaper advertising has been plunging in recent years, while Google's advertising revenue has been exploding, print ads are still a $19 billion market by offering print ads too, Google may attract a number of advertisers who might not have otherwise considered an online strategy.

This is a new way to make money where it didn't exist before.

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