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Saturday, April 21, 2007

New API from Google Enables Easy RSS Mashups

This week Google rolled out a new API designed to let Javascript developers mashup RSS feeds using simple Ajax code.

As with other Google APIs, you’ll need to sign up for a domain-based API key and from there you can cut-and-paste code from some of the sample applications Alternately, if your Javascript-fu is up to it, you can start mashing your own collection of feeds.

Google’s Feed API is handy because it lets developers work around Javascript’s same-origin policy, which is a security mechanism designed to prevent scripts loaded from one domain from getting or setting properties of a document from a different domain.

The Google Feed API allows you to do exactly that by using FeedFetcher, the same feed caching and sharing mechanism found in Google Reader.

Some more technical details:

· Data can be passed using either JSON or XML

· The AJAX Feed API only provides access to publicly accessible feeds

· Just about every feed format is supported, including Atom.

If you’ve used other Google Ajax APIs you’ll recognize some familiar patterns and it shouldn’t be too difficult to get up to speed. For Newcomers, here are the documentation..

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