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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Yahoo use now PayPal to Checkout in Search Results

Yahoo! & have released a new program that will be using PayPal checkout icon appearing in Yahoo. The is aimed at creating a secure and seamless shopping experience for Yahoo! Searchers, and perhaps more sales for advertisers.

When a user goes to Yahoo! Search to find an item or service, the results page may include Yahoo! Sponsored Search results matched to the user's query. If the merchant has joined the Yahoo! PayPal Checkout program, a blue shopping cart icon will appear next to the merchant's name in the Sponsored Search results. By clicking on the ad, users will have direct access to a safe, secure purchasing process that does not require any additional credit card information and can be completed in just a few mouse clicks.

With an estimated 130 million PayPal customers already on the internet, the new program could be a great way for Yahoo! to encourage more PayPal merchants to sign up for their pay-per-click advertising program.

It's also an attractive program for new online businesses that are choosing which merchant facility to offer. By highlighting the payment options in advertising, it should help to reduce secure shopping fears, a conversion hurdle new businesses would surely like to avoid.

All told, one of the key goals of this initiative is to combat the growing adoption of Google Checkout by ecommerce sites. I wouldn't be surprised if we see a similar integrated checkout and advertising model from Google in the not too distant future.

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