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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Google's GPhone and Android

You heard about the latest Google Phone (often called GPhone) hype, right? Contrary to popular belief and recent expectations throughout the years, this phone won't be manufactured by just one company, but rather a collective in which there are 34 members. This consortium is the "Open Handset Alliance™."

Their primary goal is to develop open standards for mobile phones and devices. This includes their latest project design called Android™, which is going to become the first open source complete platform akin to a free operating system. Summing these up, members of this alliance share the vision for changing the mobile experience for customers, and they are pretty damn committed.

This Android project looks very promising for numerous reasons. First, since it is based on the Linux Kernel (which is part of the Linux Operating System), it's going to become open source and free to all mobile phone manufacturers, carriers and services. As a result, potential competitors like Palm, Symbian, Windows Mobile (derived from Windows CE) will be outperformed with ease, at least in terms of price.

All in all, the advantages of Android platform include easier commercialization because the software is free, and developers and manufacturers can optimize their applications more effectively because the API ought to be very comprehensive, web-ready, and easy for developers to use. In two words: innovation ready.

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