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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Marketing get more tageted with RSS.

Marketing becomes more specific to interested people when using Real Simple Syndication, (RSS), and not an hit-and-miss operation. RSS ia an innovation in information management in the world wide web as onlina marketing. We can expect better RSS tecnology in the not so distant future as it's popularity increase among users and web site owners alike.

RSS, Syndication and SEO

What does content syndication do for you?
Many business sites report substantial increases in traffic when they put RSS feeds on their site. The blog and feed search sites - called news aggregators - gather syndicated content and have growing audiences who visit theirs sites to find new content. The search engines are paying a lot of attention to RSS Feeds. A fast way to get your content indexed in Yahoo! is to add your feed to a MyYahoo page.
You can often get better placement in feed directories and in Yahoo's RSS Directory than you can from regular search engines, and often, inclusion is instant.

Tip: Any search engine will only give you a maximum of two results on a page. If you want to dominate the top half of the search page for your keywords, you have to have your content on more than one site - and that means syndication. You can get extra placement in the search engines by having your content on many other sites as articles, press releases, tips or news items.