Saturday, December 15, 2012

Google+ for your mobile phone gets greater

Google has released a flurry of updates for the Google+ Mobile App, just in time for the busy Holiday season. Merry Christmas to us! The udpate includes Google+ Community supportprofile editing, a brand new stream design and more. There are updates for both Android and iOS users, and some of the features are a little different depending on the platform.
According to the app store, the update includes:
 - New features: Google+ Communities
 - Ability to subscribe to any circle for notifications
 - Ability to indicate how many guests you're bringing to an event
 - Support for time zones in Events
 - Basic profile editing
 - New compose UI for easier sharing
 - New visual stream design
 - Discover people and topics more easily using 'Find people

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Google Mobile Ads Blog: Protecting our mobile ad network

Google Mobile Ads Blog: Protecting our mobile ad network: We recently described some of the work that we do to keep ads safe , and our broader efforts to protect against invalid activity in the AdSense network. Here are some of the ways that we’re protecting ads on mobile networks.

We’ve adapted many of our systems for protecting desktop ads to do the same for mobile ads. These include automatically discarding invalid traffic as it occurs, refunding any money from this traffic, and investigating each and every claim to make our systems better. You can learn more about why and how we do this in the Ad Traffic Quality Resource Center.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

YouTube Creator Blog [UK]: Coming soon: Link your channel with a Google+ page...

YouTube Creator Blog [UK]: Coming soon: Link your channel with a Google+ page...: Over the past several months we’ve been giving YouTube users the ability to change how they appear on YouTube, by using their Google+  profile on their YouTube channel.  Well-known creators such as Michael Buckley, Philip DeFranco, Kina Grannis and Felipe Neto have chosen to use their Google name as their identity on YouTube, by linking their Google+ profile with their Channel. This has helped them access engagement and social features like Hangouts on Air.