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Monday, July 30, 2007

RSS most important for Web 2.0

Real Simple Syndication (RSS) has the highest value among Web 2.0 technologies, according to a Forrester Research report released Friday.

Twenty-three percent of those surveyed report substantial business value for RSS. One in three uses RSS for marketing purposes. Podcasting came in right behind RSS, with 21% reporting substantial business value.

The research firm surveyed 275 IT decision-makers online between April and June.

By contrast, only 11% said blogging delivers substantial business value. Fourteen percent said their company does not measure Web 2.0 business value at all. Of those that do measure, the majority look at traditional metrics such as ROI and total cost of ownership.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

FeedBurner Gives Blogger Users Free Access to RSS Tools

News feed management service FeedBurner is giving Blogger users the option to redirect their blog feeds to a FeedBurner feed. This will afford users of Google's blogging software access to FeedBurner's powerful tracking and analytics tools for RSS. It will also help Blogger users who may be plagued by auto-discovery problems or innacurate data report due to fragmented feeds.

Earlier this month, Feedburner made its TotalStats and MyBrand RSS management products free to all users (FeedBurner has both free and paid features). Both of these developments follow June's acquision of the feed service by Google for a reported $100 million.

In addition to bloggers, FeedBurner also publishes the feeds from a number of enterprise companies, including Reuters, Newsweek and AOL. As of June 2007, Feedburner claims to be handling over 720,000 feeds from over 420,000 publishers.

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