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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

RSS or Email pros and cons

If you compare email and RSS feeds. So lets face it there are benefits associated with each and downsides as well. Email and RSS really are different communication mediums and they are designed for different purposes.

RSS Pros
1. Subscriber Control - you choose what you want to receive
2. Privacy - no need to release private information in order to subscribe (in most cases)
3. Scannable - easy to scan, saving time
4. No Filtering Issues - nothing is lost to spam filters
5. Reach - syndication expands a companies reach

RSS Cons
1. Tracking - RSS is very difficult to reliably track
2. Metrics - accurate reporting is near impossible
3. Adoption - RSS adoption is still limited, not everyone has an RSS reader

Email Pros
1. One on One - designed for personalization
2. Compatibility - everyone can send and receive email

Email Cons
1. Spam - emails are lost in spam filters
2. More Spam - noise to sound ratio overwhelming

Perhaps this over simplifies the comparison but it clearly shows that the two communication methods excel in different areas.

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Attensa 2.0 Brings Enterprise RSS Reader to the Mac

Attensa Inc. announced the immediate availability of its Attensa2.0 RSS news reader application for the Mac on Tuesday. The news reader is designed with enterprise-level RSS use in mind, and is compatible with RSS, Atom, and XML Web feeds.

Attensa 2.0 includes Attensa's AttentionStream Learning Engine that adapts to reader behaviors and prioritizes and displays articles that a user is most likely to be interested in first. It also is optimized to streamline synchronization with the Attensa Feed Server product.

Attensa 2.0 is free, and available for download at the Attensa Web

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Beginner Guide to RSS

SmallOffice Australia posted a good Beginner guide to RSS

This information guide is intended as my way to introduce the whole concept of RSS to Australians who have heard of rss and would like to know more.

I suspect that as it is around the world, only a very small percentage of people understand and actually use RSS - and
Australia is no different. In fact, anecdotal evidence shows that the use of RSS is well under 10%.

The reason behind The Beginner Guide to RSS is that mainstream Australia - even those frequently using the web - are not taking up rss usage in numbers that was hoped for. In other words, there is still a long way to go to educate people on the advantages of using rss to manage their online information. I hope this guide goes some way in helping this along.

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