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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

T-Mobile G2, another Google Android Phone

With the launch of the T-Mobile G2 hitting stores, on October, 22 people are already asking what the next Google Android will look like. The new phone will obviously be called the G2, and one thing is certain, it should be able to learn from the G1 and become one of the best handsets on the planet.

Our friends over at Phones Review have managed to get hold of some mockup photos of the T-Mobile G2, and boy do they look good. Who would have thought that people would stop talking about the G1 for a bit and start talking about what the G2 will be like.
Phones Review tell us that the new T-Mobile G2 will have less dead space, will be flush, have a tilting screen with twice the resolution. With Google throwing its weight behind the phone, it should have some of the best software on any handset.
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