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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Microsoft to Introduce Advertising in Live Search Mobile

Microsoft to Introduce Advertising in Live Search Mobile

Now, Microsoft has laid down its plans for the introduction of advertising for Live Search Mobile. Currently, this service is in 'Beta Mode' and available to United States advertisers only. However, Microsoft is optimistic about expanding the service in 2008.

Microsoft has also introduced display advertising on Windows Live Messenger and Windows Live Hotmail products.

According to Brian Arbogast (Corporate VP, Mobile Services, Microsoft), "In today's connected world, the mobile device is emerging as a prime opportunity for advertisers to reach their audience. This announcement is evidence of our commitment to providing advertisers with further opportunities to connect and engage consumers throughout their 'digital day' " at home, at work and on the go across multiple platforms, devices and geographic regions."

For those interested to apply for this program can sign up here.

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