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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Android, for publishers and advertisers

Google and T-Mobile officially unveiled the new G1 – the first Android powered mobile phone.

What does it mean for publishers and advertisers? In short, more exciting mobile opportunities. Powerful devices that open the door to the possibilities of mobile for consumers are a key factor in growing both usage and engagement with data services. But they are not the only factor. Dramatically increased usability of devices, greater processing power, and faster network speeds have also played a role in pushing the industry forward.
Openness is another big factor and the launch of Android and the G1 will add velocity to an important trend in mobile. We are watching the progression from tight industry control over the data services to the open access that I believe will drive the future of mobile. We’ve seen that as devices become more powerful and open, data usage skyrockets. The iPhone was the first real proof point. The dramatic increase in consumer adoption, usage and engagement with data services on the iPhone shocked many people and opened a lot of eyes.
This pent-up consumer demand has lead to the explosion in the range of content and services available on mobile devices that we see today. Developers, small publishers and big media companies are taking advantage of this opportunity and embracing the mobile platform as a way to deliver great experiences for consumers. For advertisers it is expanding their ability to reach engaged mobile consumers in rich environments with unique functionality that other platforms can’t match.
As these great user experiences drive greater usage companies can deliver even more highly relevant ads. We can also create new interactive advertising formats that take advantage of the capabilities and mobile context of these powerful new open devices.
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