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Monday, August 10, 2009

2009 is A Great year for Mobile Ad

AdMob is getting ready to serve its 100 Billionth ad, and other AD firm’s states that mobile advertising is booming. The AdMob company notes that this is over 14 times the entire world population (as of 2008), 107 times the distance (in miles) to the sun. Suffice it to say, that's a lot of mobile advertising. And that's just from AdMob.

AdMob tells that smartphone shipments worldwide are projected to grow 13% this year. You can expect a lot more mobile advertising to come.

eMarketer estimates that there will be 280.8 million mobile phone subscribers by the end of the year. comScore says there will be 29 million smartphone users. eMarketer also projects that US mobile advertising spending will reach $760 million in 2009.
Remember that not that long ago, mobile used to mean simple WAP sites or worse, trying to view a traditional website with a sub-par transcoded experience. Mobile websites have come a long way since then and now provide a rich user experience optimized specifically for mobile.

More and more people are buying smartphones and mobile has become a real medium for advertisers & publishers. No longer for just early adopters, as smartphones have become mainstream, having a strong presence in the mobile landscape has become essential for both mainstream brands and emerging developers alike.
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