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Monday, June 23, 2008

Small Businesses Making More Use Of Smartphones

Small business owners are realizing the necessity to stay connected.
Simple access is one thing, but the real power comes from enabling businesses with applications that keep mobile work forces in touch with inventory data, customer relationship information, and other enterprise data.
While AMI says 84% of BlackBerry owners and 68% of Palm owners use their smartphone to access e-mail, these are viewed as "basic" services. Small businesses really are interested in the meatier stuff. AMI noted, "Business applications such as location-based (field service/delivery) and CRM applications are becoming the trend. Thus, pricing plans from telecom service providers are crucial when it comes to driving adoption...

Given the above, partnerships between mobile manufacturers and telecom service providers have been a key to driving adoption."
In other words, if the price is right, small businesses will bite.
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