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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Opinion: Mobile Ads Are Anything but Intrusive

Opinion: Mobile Ads Are Anything but Intrusive

Because of its massive and largely untapped potential, mobile advertising maintains a continually high level of buzz in the marketing world. Amid that buzz, however, is a strident little voice protesting that mobile marketing is too intrusive for today's consumer. It's time to put that myth to rest for good.

The personal connection with our mobile devices is likely the source of the misguided intrusiveness controversy. Have you ever heard a baby boomer say that his mobile phone makes him "too connected"? I have. Ever hear a 22-year-old say that? Me neither. As a matter of fact, the millennials -- the primary users of mobile non-voice services -- are as unnerved to be disconnected as boomers and Gen Xers are loathe to be too connected. The truth is, mobile advertising may well be the most consumer-friendly advertising model out there.

First, the basics. The mobile platform is a valuable and effective means for reaching desirable audiences and demographics, including the influential millennial generation that is so appealing to advertisers. Paid models for mobile content such as the ringtones and games that spawned big new entertainment markets have been the focus of attention over the past few years. As with every new medium, however, the ability to deliver content and services -- at no cost to customers -- is the key to unlocking the potential of a medium. Mobile is no exception, and its rich potential for advertisers will enable the business model.

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